IWGSL Empty Cargo

In this guide we will learn to change the empty cargo model for the IWGSL Lowboy trailer using a text editor.

Coming soon will be a model template for those that would like to add full cargo loads and empty cargo model loads, and of course more empty cargo load choices.

IWGSL Lowboy Empty Cargo

This guide will assume you have an active custom open def available for editing.

If you need to setup an open def you can find help here.

We will be using the open definitions mod for the IWGSL Lowboy trailer. My modified open def folder is named ‘iwgsl_opendef’ placed in my American Truck Simulator mod folder.


The files we will edit are located in a folder named ’empty_cargo’ inside your open def.

Inside the folder are 2 files.

Each file corresponding to the axle count for chassis variations.

2 axle (tandem) or 3 axle (tridem)

Each line in a file corresponds to an empty cargo type.

The ‘//’ markings are for commenting out a line, this means the line will be skipped and not loaded.

Only one line can be un-commented at a time.

You can see in this image i chose to select the tires as an empty load.

I un-comment the line by removing the ‘//’ in front.

I then comment the other lines that need it with ‘//’.

Remember only one line un-commented at a time.

In the other file I select a different empty load by commenting the empty load line and un-comment the boards load.

Make sure to save the files when your done editing them, overwriting the original.

Once you edit the files you want and save them, all that’s left to do is run the game.

Make sure your modified open def is active in mod manager and load your profile.

Now when your trailer is “empty” it will have one of the selected empty cargo loads instead.

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