Mod Install

IW900 & IWGSL Lowboy Combo Install

Generally if a file ends with a ‘.scs’ extension, it is a mod ready to be placed into your mod folder.

If the file ends with a ‘.rar’ extension, it is an archived package that needs to be opened.


First Move the IWCORE to your mod folder.

Open one of the ‘.rar’ archives and extract or drag and drop the files into your mod folder.

If you have more than one archive, repeat the process.

Enter the Mod Manager.

  • Add the IWCORE first
  • Add mod BASE file next
  • Add mod OPENDEF next

Repeat if you own another mod, placing BASE below OPENDEF.

Place any accessory or compatibility packs above the main BASE and OPENDEF files.

Order does not matter, with the exception of sounds.

See sounds and engine section below for more info.

You can now start your game save or load your profile and hit the dealer to find your new mod.

Make sure to select Mod Dealers to find the truck.

Order of the mods as a group do not matter.

As long as the Open Def package is above the Base package, and the Core is below ALL Ironwerx mods you should have no issues.

Accessories and compatibility pack load order does not matter with the exception of needing to be above the mod it is used with.

Easy way is think of them as blocks. Place the accessories above all the trucks and trailers, then order has no effect.

Engines and sound mods are excluded from this rule. They should be thought of as a separate block or group and to be safe place them above ALL other mods.

Mod load order images can be found in the open def packages, along with a readme.

Mod info and load order can also be found in the Mod Manager – mod info tab.

Engines and sounds should be placed at the TOP of the Mod Manager list.

When placed at the top of the list the engines and sounds will be available to all mods below it provided they are included in the def files.

Sounds should be thought of as a separate group and placed together above all other mods, unless the mod creator says otherwise.

Most non-Ironwerx sound related mods should be placed in the same fashion. Please check with the mod author for proper load order for their mods.

See below for more on mod groups.


We can think of mods as belonging to groups, if we place mods according to these groups we can eliminate most if not all loading bugs and errors related to mod placement and load order. Below is a list of some of the groups I class my mods in.

  • Core Files or Mods
  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Accessories
  • Graphics Mods
  • Sounds & Engines

For the purpose of this section we will not be discussing graphics mods.

This image shows the groups and the load order I use. I place all my trucks in one area or ‘group’, all my trailers in another, accessories in its own etc.

I follow this load pattern, but on occasion when I have an issue it is caused by an accessory or skin. In that case I will place it in the group it is for, like trucks or trailers and not with accessories.

Sounds and Engines should be placed at the top with the highest priority to avoid issues and load problems. Again, if you think of the group it belongs to and where the group is placed in the mod list, the order it sits in the ‘group’ usually does not matter.

On occasion you may experience issues of conflict between 2 mods in the same group because of load priority. Swap or move the position of the conflicting mods in the ‘group’ and retry.

You should always follow the creators advice on how to load and place their mod, especially if you have issues. This is a general outline and should work for most mods.

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