How do I access my digital purchase?

If you made a purchase with us and payment has been completed you will receive a download link with your order invoice. Alternatively you can access any purchased product from the My Account page, under downloads or in orders.

Do you sell Ironwerx gift cards or credits?

Absolutely, we offer customizable gift cards in multiple values. Head to the shop page now, where you will be able to give your loved ones a gift they deserve.

Can I lose access to my purchased content?

Yes, we use a 3 strike policy on our site, if you violate the rules you will be given a strike on your account. Once your account reaches 3 strikes you will be revoked of your access to any and all content on this site. Read the terms and conditions for more info.

Do you offer refunds or returns?

We will gladly refund your full purchase price of the content you purchased as long as it has not been downloaded.* Because our products are digital we do not offer returns. For more detailed information see our Refund Policy.

*We monitor server and download activity to prevent fraud and negligence.

Will your mods run on my PC?

While we cannot give you a definitive answer, we do extensive testing on multiple systems (see), use smaller textures, shared resources and limit poly count where we can. All these efforts make our mods run as smooth as possible. If you have an issue running our mods, please contact support@ironwermodding.com and we will be glad to help you out.

Do you offer mod updates?

All Ironwerx mods will be updated to work smoothly and seamlessly with ATS to take advantage of new features implemented with new game updates. If for any reason we decide to stop selling a mod, we will notify our customers to inform them of this decision and continue to support it for a minimum of 6 months after we remove it.

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