Ironwerx GSL Lowboy


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Ironwerx GSL Lowboy

Current Mod Version: 1.1

Current SCS Version: 1.46.x 

This custom lowboy has multiple chassis and body options, including jeeps in tandem and tridem versions.

Multiple cargos are included with the trailer, SCS DLC compatibility packs are available and new cargo will be added with future updates.

As with all major Ironwerx mods, this mod uses an Open Definitions pack (included) for you to edit and tweak certain option to your liking, including but not limited to cargo, paint jobs and skins, addon hookups and other parts.

Also available for free is the brand pack, which contains logos, badges, mud flaps and more.  You can also find SCS DLC compatibility packs with the free mods and if you own the official dlc for one of our listed compatibility packs, then you can use those parts with the Ironwerx mods.

Ironwerx GSL Lowboy Features:

  • Custom and Reworked Cargo
  • Jeeps – Tandem & Tridem
  • Tandem & Tridem Axle Chassis
  • Lift Axle Versions
  • Plain or Beaver Tail Body
  • Multiple Decking Options (Wood, Metal)
  • Toolboxes and Fuel Tank Options
  • Neck Fenders & Flaps
  • Loading Ramps
  • Spare Tires
  • Decals
  • Neck Accessories (Tools, Fire Extinguisher, ect.)
  • Signs & Flags
  • And more

Ironwerx GSL Lowboy Cargo:

  • Empty Shack
  • Compressor Shack
  • Transformer
  • Truck Frames
  • Trommel
  • Excavator Parts
  • Grader
  • Sea-Can’s
  • More Coming Soon






Version 1.2

  • Added Custom non-metallic paint option
  • Added drawworks cargo
  • Added 2 concept engine cargos (clean, rusty)
  • Added 2 pump skid cargos (clean, rusty)
  • Added gensets cargo
  • Added pressure tank cargo
  • Added special crates cargo
  • Added Genset XL cargo
  • Added chain hangers
  • Added wood blocks
  • Added neck accessories
  • Fixed fender clipping
  • Added marker slot options (100%, 50%, 25%, min)
  • Added fender slot options (100%, 50%, 25%, min)
  • Added bumper slot options (100%, 50%, 25%, min)
  • Added rear light slot options (100%, 50%, 25%, min)
  • Corrected 3 cargo shadows
  • Adjusted trailer weight limits
  • Fixed slots with flares
  • Fixed right turn signal
  • Added light definitions
  • Fixed tridem D-Ring location
  • Corrected wheel panel on beaver tail
  • Added more cargo customization

Version 1.1

  • Added grader load
  • Added 2 sea-can loads
  • Added neck accessories
  • Added rear load signs
  • Added sign accessories
  • Added new fender options
  • Fixed existing flags
  • Added new flag options
  • Fixed under glow on tandem jeep
  • Moved ramp node
  • Made cargo colors editable
  • Fixed shop node direction

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release