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In 2019, IronWerx Modding was created, a subsidiary of Bu5ted Inc. to provide quality mods that would work seamlessly with vanilla games as well as most other mods to provide a unique, custom experience all while having a large selection of add-ons and upgrades to cater to our loyal clients wishes and desires.

Ironwerx is currently a single member team dedicated to bringing new and exciting features to American Truck Simulator. We welcome input and feedback to further the development of not only current mods, but future developments. 


As the president/owner of Bu5ted Inc. with over 14 years experience developing CNC control units, apps, games and other software, including a lengthy background in 3d modeling, Bu5ted is an integral part of the team that brings your dream to life in the 3d world.  Working in the Oil/Forest Industry over 20 years in many sectors mainly as a heavy duty mechanic and owner/operator gives this team a unique perspective while developing the mods you love.

Ironwerx Modding

Even though our website does not rest, the team does. As a result not all support emails can be answered immediately and may have a delay in answering. Please be patient with us.

Ironwerx Modding by Bu5ted Inc. 2019-2022©

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