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Ironwerx IW900 Truck

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Ironwerx IW900 

Current Mod Version: 1.24

Current ATS Version: 1.46.x

The Ironwerx IW900 is a customizers dream,  this truck has over 120 customizable nodes and 3800+ options to choose from and the list keeps growing.  Unlock levels for this truck is capped at Level 1, so there’s no need to grind for XP to unlock parts, however the prices are set closely to realistic and can cost a small fortune.  Just like real life, if you have the cash you can purchase the parts.

As with all major Ironwerx mods, this IW900 uses an Open Definitions pack (included) for you to edit and tweak certain option to your liking, including but not limited to paint jobs, skins, engines, addon hookups and other parts.

This truck comes with support for the default C15 Engine.  We do have engines for you to enjoy which you can download for free on this site.  If you wish to add another engine to this truck you can do so through the Open Definitions Pack.  Help is available through our Facebook page or support channels.

Also available for free is the brand pack, which contains logos, badges, mud flaps and more along with the SCS DLC compatibility packs.  If you own the official dlc for one of our listed compatibility packs, then you can use those parts with the Ironwerx trucks. Follow the link here for Accessories and Addons.

Be sure to check the guides section here for install and customization tutorials.

Ironwerx IW900 Main Options:

  • 5 Cabs (Day, Coffin, Flattop, Aerodyne, Studio)
  • 20 Chassis Options (6×4, 8×6, Lifted, 6×6, 8×8, lift axle)
  • 2 Steer Axle Widths (Standard, Wide)
  • 2 Interior/Dash Styles (Modern, Classic)
  • 8 Wheel Styles (Standard and Wide Variant)
  • Open Definitions For Editing or Adding

Ironwerx IW900 Features:

  • Custom Cellphone Accessories & GPS
  • Custom CB Radio (physics cord)
  • Interior Lighting
  • Mood Lights
  • Cowl Hoods
  • Removable Bunk Fairings
  • Custom Cone & Element Filters
  • Changeable Front Fenders
  • W9 & ‘A’ Model Headlights (Multiple Styles)
  • Gauge Face Options
  • Full Animated Dash
  • Multiple Dash Light Colors
  • Fully Customizable Interior
  • Custom Side Pipes
  • Custom Rear Pipes
  • Custom Visors
  • Multiple Grill Options
  • Custom Body Rivets
  • Custom Badges and Logos
  • Custom Seats
  • Custom Shifters
  • Custom Steering Wheels
  • Bunk Accessories
  • Shaved Handles and Door Window Options
  • Custom Skirts and Bumpers
  • Custom Rear Fenders
  • Custom Rear Toolboxes
  • And much, much more.

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Version 1.24

  • Added XML file to opendef
  • Added alternate UV templates to opendef
  • Added seat file to opendef for adjustment
  • Fixed invisible grill back
  • Fixed hood centerline
  • Added lift chassis versions
  • Added 6×6 & 8×8 chassis versions
  • New oversize wheels and tires
  • New truck tire sizes (41″ – 43″)
  • New trailer tire sizes (39″ – 41″)
  • Optimized and rebaked suspension
  • New front axle options
  • Fixed and added shocks
  • Fixed and added frame nuts
  • Added live roll bumpers
  • Fixed W9 headlight rings
  • Lightened bumper chrome
  • Added chrome winch rack
  • Added rear step options
  • Added 50 mudflap options front & rear
  • Added skinable mudflaps
  • Added bumper guide bars
  • Fixed UV2 cabback mapping
  • Fixed bumper UV mapping
  • Added hood cowl UV mapping
  • Fixed headlight UV mapping
  • Added cone filters to UV mapping
  • Added bunk door decal options
  • Remapped visor uv’s
  • Added skinable visor decals to opendef
  • Added custom skinable dash panel
  • Added skinable quarter fender decal
  • Fixed rivets
  • Added removable rivet options
  • Fixed interior mirror conflict
  • Adjusted for larger tires (not complete)
  • Short drop fenders added
  • New Quarter fenders
  • More slot options added
  • The fenders are still a work in progress.
  • Many will be adjusted and the hangers fixed for mounting.

Version 1.23

  • Added 6 inch exhaust
  • Added 2 new bumpers
  • Fixed bumper light slot rotation
  • Bumper slots split to new accessory
  • Added multiple bumper slot options
  • Added 2 lolipop light styles
  • Added mirror light brackets
  • Added 4 new visors
  • Fixed visor reflection
  • Fixed visor slots
  • Fixed visor rivets
  • All fenders new and remade (minus work fenders)
  • Added drop single fenders
  • Added drop half fenders
  • Added new lift fender options
  • Fixed fender hangers
  • Split fender light slots to new accessory
  • Brand new sidelights (round & oval)
  • Split sidelight slots into options
  • Fixed chrome sideskirt
  • Fixed window visor mapping
  • Fixed bunk door mapping
  • Adjusted coffin sideskirt
  • Fixed tridem frame shadow
  • Removed LED lights from center window (modern)
  • Fixed tridem frame nuts

Version 1.22

  • Fixed chassis conflict & crash
  • Fixed interior sound location (default)
  • Fixed wheel pack conflicts
  • Added new light defs
  • Corrected chassis nuts (short)
  • Fixed frame paint uv mapping
  • Added bumper paint uv mapping
  • Added skirts paint uv mapping
  • Added toolbox paint uv mapping
  • Added exhaust paint uv mapping
  • Added grill paint uv mapping
  • Fixed handle paint uv mapping
  • Added filter paint uv mapping
  • Added airline box paint uv mapping
  • Fixed frame rear plate
  • Fixed tri-axle frame support
  • Updated skins for new uv’s

Version 1.21

  • Added interior lights (beacon, aux, marker -triggers)
  • Added mood lights (beacon, aux, marker -triggers)
  • Increased fuel capacity (350 & 525gal)
  • Added accessory slots on drop fender
  • Fixed wipers not working in some builds
  • Added mod support file updates
  • Fixed sideskirt paint uv mapping
  • Fixed step paint uv mapping
  • Fixed coffin sleeper uv mapping
  • Fixed fender guard slots
  • Fixed sleeper light slots (aero & flattop)
  • Fixed led01 right and left turn signals
  • Fixed duplicate wheel nuts
  • Fixed floating slots on cabs
  • Optimization to reduce possible future conflicts

Version 1.2

  • Fixed speedometer showing wrong value
  • Fixed oil temp gauge showing wrong value
  • Fixed amp meter showing wrong value
  • Adjusted airbag gauge to read roughly 10psi per 10,00lbs of cargo
  • Dulled chrome on sunvisor (interior)
  • Added ‘Guard’ bumper in 3 styles & multiple looks
  • Added frame wraps in 2 styles, 2 lengths, 3 looks
  • Fixed accessory slots on 3 fender styles
  • Fixed grill slots not showing up
  • Fixed missing hitch rail and added some detail
  • Fixed some cabin accessory placements
  • Fixed missing and bad fender slots (some remain)
  • Fixed fifth wheel plate position
  • Fixed backside handles

Version 1.1

  • Bug fixes
  • Added removable bunk fairings
  • Added new gauge options and colors
  • Added phantom gauge faces
  • Added CD player options (ui_accessory)
  • Added CB Radio Options (ui_accessory)
  • Added Cellphone Accessory (gps & info)
  • Split hood rivets to new accessory
  • Split fairing rivets to new accessory
  • Fixed flattop rivets
  • Fixed fuel tank straps
  • Corrected fuel tank capacities
  • Fixed collisions
  • Fixed material errors
  • Moved gauge colors to new accessory
  • Reduced interior list

Version 1.0

  • Initial Release